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What Happens In Vegas… 2018 Evolution Leadership Conference Grand Prize Winner Shares Why Trip Was ‘Enlightening’

The 2018 Evolution Leadership Conference featured a fantastic speaker –  Sunny Grosso – who spoke about Delivering Happiness. We were pleased to present a trip to Vegas as the grand prize, including a tour of Zappos, courtesy of Travel Simplicity.

We are excited to catch up with the prize recipient, Bob Kiehl, who is the CFO of The JDK Group. Keihl was kind enough to share his experience with us in a Q&A.

What made you decide to attend the 2018 Evolution Leadership Conference?

JDK Catering had sponsored a table at the conference and I was fortunate enough to be one of the team members selected to attend.

Tell us about the trip. What did you learn? How will it help you and your leadership team?

The trip was amazing.  Specifically though, the tour of Zappos was most impressive and enlightening.  The tour was only myself, my wife and our tour guide Ryo Zsun. Ryo was exceptional.  He was informative, responsive, open and honest.  He was kind enough to field all of our questions and we had several impromptu chats with other staff members.  I believe the one key idea that was taken from the tour and the information was the importance of human connection and company culture and how these concepts directly tie to success and longevity of a company.

Did you have a chance to do anything non-work related on the trip? Tell us about it.

Eat, and eat well!!  We did not have a bad or even mediocre meal anywhere.  The food highlight however was certainly the dining experience at é by José Andréas.  For foodies like us, this was everything we hoped for and more.  They certainly delivered the unexpected and lived up to the hype.  With seats for only nine guests, there were more chefs preparing, serving, clearing and explaining each item then there were guests.  I would certainly recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys and appreciates the art of food.

Would you recommend the Evolution Leadership Conference to others?

Absolutely.  I believe it is conferences like these that enable us to step outside our day to day work life and make connections, not just for business, but on a deeper level in the sense of recognizing that our life experiences are much more intertwined that we realize.

Is there anything else you would like to say about the experience?

I could go on forever about the experience, but I want to once again thank John Dame for orchestrating all that he does and for providing this invaluable opportunity.  In addition to a most memorable trip, I’ve now established a relationship with Jason Holland and will certainly use his services for my next adventure!  Thank you to everyone involved.

Mark your calendars for October 6th for the 2020 Evolution Conference, “Accountability in the World of Chaos” featuring Dr. John Izzo and Corinne Hancock. You won’t want to miss it!

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