A Live Leadership Learning Event

Tuesday, Oct 4 | 8 AM–4:30 PM | Spooky Nook Sports Complex | 75 Champ Blvd, Manheim, PA 17545

Named one of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century by Successful Meetings Magazine, Godin draws on his best-selling books and years of being a marketing pioneer to bring audiences of all kinds to their feet.

Continuing to push the envelope and make waves in the marketing and publishing worlds, one of his latest endeavors, The Domino Project, com- pletely excludes a traditional print publication for his book, Poke the Box. Hailed as “the kick in the pants you need to shake up your life,” Poke the Box urges everyone to do just as The Domino Project does, move away from conformity and toward ingenuity, toward answering unknown questions for ourselves.

Furthering The Domino Project, his latest book, We Are All Weird (Sept. 2011) printed only 11,000 hard- cover copies for sale on Amazon, with no plans to print more. This model encourages readers to utilize the digital platform, and also creates a scarcity effect that drives demand for the limited copies available, underlining the importance of the book. The book itself calls for the end of mass and for the beginning of offering people more choices, more interests and giving them more authority to operate in ways that reflect their own unique, albeit sometimes weird, values.

Godin’s first book Permission Marketing, was a New York Times best-seller that revolutionized the way corporations approach consumers. Fortune Magazine named it one of their Best Business Books and Promo magazine called Godin “The Prime Minister of Permission Marketing.”

In all, he has written thirteen books that have been translated into more than thirty languages. Every one has been a bestseller. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything. Godin’s second book, Un-leashing the Ideavirus, is the most popular e-book ever published, and in 2003, his book Purple Cow was the #1 best-selling marketing book on Amazon. His other works include The Big Red Fez, Survival Is Not Enough, Free Prize Inside, All Marketers Are Liars, The Big Moo, Small is the New Big, and Meatball Sundae. His recent release, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, became an instant best-seller, and his 2010 Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? inspires audiences to overcome the resistance that holds them back from becoming an indispensable asset to any organization.

In his enlightening lecture program, Godin focuses on the creative thinking necessary for a business to create a “purple cow”—an offering that stands out from the crowd and causes customers to take notice. Using real-world examples from extremely successful companies, Godin reveals the benefits of using creative, remarkable thinking to transform business ideas and practices. Godin explores how ideas spread, why the stories companies tell matter, why treating customers with respect pays off, and how these and other business decisions determine whether your business becomes invisible or remarkable.

It seems as though he has been on a path combining business and technology his entire life. He designed his first game for a mainframe computer while still in high school. While attending Tufts University, he co-founded one of the largest student-run businesses in the country. After receiving his MBA from Stanford University, Godin was named Brand Manager at Spinnaker Software where he managed 40 engineers and introduced more than 60 software and videotape products. In 1991 he created the trivia game GUTS, which became the most popular product in Prodigy's history.

Godin founded the breakthrough Internet company Yoyodyne in 1995. By 1998 it was the #1 creator of direct mail and promotions on the Web. Companies as diverse at AT&T and Skechers Shoes retained Yoyodyne to create campaigns that went far beyond websites. Godin and his company were featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired and Advertising Age. In 1998, Yoyodyne was sold to Yahoo!, with Godin taking over as Vice President of Direct Marketing for the Internet giant. Godin left Yahoo! in January 2000 to pursue his work as a change agent full time.