Purpose is hard to find…look for a little soul



On June 5 my dad passed away.
Seventy years ago, when he was just 14-years-old, he wrote a short story about “his radio tower.” And, for the next 70 years he lived his purpose. He wanted to own and operate some of the best radio stations in the country, and he did just that, founding Dame Media and Dame Broadcasting.
I joined him in that business for almost 30 years. From the time I was 26, he and I worked together. I liked business… he loved the radio business. To my knowledge, there was never a day that he did not want to get up and go to work, including those moments that every business has when times are difficult, challenging, and scary. In recent years, as his health declined, he continued to talk passionately about his radio stations. He never wavered.
In a world filled with people that feel purposeless, lost, and even soulless, where did my Dad find his soul for radio? What causes one person to feel energized at work while others are ‘just working?’ As a coach for CEOs, I have this conversation frequently. Everyone is looking for a higher purpose. Nobody wants to ‘just go to work.’
I am not sure that radio started as my Dad’s Purpose. He fell in love with the business, became passionate about it and went all in. Eventually, it became his Purpose. Many people are on a sacred quest for Purpose. Searching for just the right Purpose, but never fully finding it.
My advice: find something that resonates with your soul. Love it a little. Go all in… and see what happens. Ask yourself this question: If I could fast forward, three years from today and look back at what I accomplished over the past three years, what has to happen both personally and professionally for me to feel happy about the progress I’ve made? Get a little soulful about what you do. It will help you find your Purpose.