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Concise & Relevant

Business2Business is an engaging practitioner’s magazine designed to reach this market’s busiest people … its executive decision makers. We deliver uncompromising analysis of strategic and tactical issues to challenge our area’s managers, harness best practices, and improve bottom lines.

Authentic Content

Business2Business is written by authentic experts who live or work in this market. While they pull support from around the world, their analysis resonates through the experience of succeeding here in south-central PA. We aim high since the only difference between key executives in New York, Los Angeles, Washington and our audience is the fact that Business2Business readers happen to live here in south central PA.

Business2Business works because it lets decision makers learn from the experts in our footprint. We are the only monthly magazine in this market that’s truly thinking about business.


We distribute to over 7,000 decision makers with each of our 2 editions: Lancaster and Harrisburg Metro markets. Readers archive our magazines to return to content over and over. We enjoy a large pass-along rate so that your message can reach well over 15,000 highly targeted readers. Interested in more information? Find us at or call 717.481.2960.

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