2017 Evolution Annual Conference

October 31, 2017:  8:30am-4pm

The 2017 Evolution Annual Conference features speaker Brett Pyle and his program “Your Extraordinary Why: Living a Successful Life of Significance.”

About the Speaker, Brett Pyle

Brett Pyle has been on a 30-year global business career with Andersen Consulting, oil giants Amoco & BP, and Vistage Worldwide—living, leading and learning in 60 countries on six continents.  Along the journey, he’s discovered that we’re all gifted with special skills, talents and passions that the world desperately needs.  Today, Brett speaks hundreds of times each year, delivering addresses and conducting leadership development workshops and retreats that connect people and organizations, to their purpose to deliver breakthrough results that truly matter to the world.

About the Program, Your Extraordinary Why:  Living a Successful Life of Significance

How many times in life do we challenge ourselves, and our businesses, with lofty goals only to discover that their achievement ultimately fails to satisfy?  When articulating a vision, setting goals and choosing where to invest our time, do we think deeply enough about:

  • Who we are?
  • What we’re passionate about?
  • What we, and our companies, are uniquely gifted to accomplish?
  • Why any of these things really matter in the first place?

Participants in this workshop begin by identifying what truly matters most to them, both professionally and personally.  They’re then led on a journey of deep reflection to clarify the all-important drivers behind those priorities—the “why” behind the “what”—to gain insight about their lives and corporate purpose.  With that larger context of significance in mind, they are subsequently introduced to an innovative “future first” model of planning to accelerate them toward clarifying and achieving their most extraordinary goals.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their Purpose, a written set of long-term, guiding goals aligned with that purpose, and a list of nearer-term actions needed to achieve a success that matters to them, their company and the world around them.

Learn more about “Your Extraordinary Why” and watch Brett in action here:  http://www.brettpyle.com/#watch.

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