Running a business is not a democracy

Many leaders believe they need to build consensus. By building consensus, they think they will develop greater harmony, solidarity and even better overall alignment in […]

The IKEA Effect

Recently, Vistage speaker of the year, Dean Minuto, delivered a one-hour webinar to my Vistage groups. In that webinar, he introduced an idea that piqued […]

Leadership Lessons from Google

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has a problem. One of his chief engineers and VPs, James Damore, wrote a manifesto describing his views of the […]

Naysayers Can Be Our Best Allies

The CEO of a large Oil and Gas Company addresses his senior leadership team to find that all financial metrics are pointed in the wrong direction.  Their “big idea” was not working out…

Everyone agreed that their idea to convert raw peanuts into jet fuel was bold and creative.  R&D produced weekly updates that indicated they were close to a breakthrough.  And yet, the R&D Director secretly voiced his pessimism regarding a positive outcome.

Informal hallway meetings, after the presentations by the CEO, were frequent. And, most lacked optimism regarding the project. Finally, in an executive session, the Director of Sales spoke up. She asked the CEO why the company would continue to spend money on a project that showed little to no potential and, in fact, might completely ruin the company.  The CEO explained that he was under the impression that everyone “wanted” this to happen.  He had heard no negative feedback.

The floodgates opened, and an honest discussion followed.  The project was scrapped; the company got back on track.   […]

Create-Lead-Achieve Leadership Program Coming to Evolution Leadership Academy on 5/23

The first of the Evolution 2017 Series of Events will feature speaker Kamran Loghman, Chief Global Instructor for Apple, who will facilitate his Create-Lead-Achieve Leadership […]

Evoke Trust

In the most recent book published by Gallup, “Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow,” authors, Tom Rath and Barry Conchie, conducted […]

Purpose is hard to find…look for a little soul


On June 5 my dad passed away.
Seventy years ago, when he was just 14-years-old, he wrote a short story about “his radio tower.” And, for […]

Create • Lead • Achieve: The New Executive Training Workshops Developed at Apple


Steve Jobs the movie recently arrived in theaters, despite protests from the widow and other friends of the late Apple co-founder. They say the film […]

What is Purpose, and Why is it so Important?

Mindfulness for executives is resonating.  Considering the accelerated pace of change, the 24/7 connectivity, the constant cycle of ruminating over decisions and the stresses of […]

Employee Engagement GROWTH: Humanizing Leadership through Purpose

In 1967, Peter Drucker wrote ,“The Effective Executive.”  That’s almost 50 years ago.  In the book, he discusses managing “knowledge workers.”  The definition of a […]